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PROJECT ARCADIA is a Bulgarian modern melodic/power metal band. We recorded our new album "A Time Of Changes" with one of the best singers in the genre - Urban breed, whom you might know from his work with bands such as TAD MOROSE, BLOODBOUND and TRAIL OF MURDER.
 Release dates:
Sep. 9  on CD on Nightmare Records for NA and DIGITAL (world).
Sep. 26 on CD on Nightmare Records for Eu, UK and Japan.
Sep. 26 on CD on PA Music for Bg and the rest of the world.

Urban Breed

Urban Breed

Q: Who are the musicians that have influenced your playing the most?
A: Initially it was Bruce Dickinson, then Geoff Tate but after that ...Bob Catley is the man.

Q: Which band would you like to play with as a guest musician
A: Not really a band. Peter Gabriel or Anastacia.

Q: The band that never ceases to inspire you?
A: Again, not a band. Peter gabriel.

Q: Which band would you like to open for?
I don't think it really matters. I just want to tour.

Q: Which, in your opinion, is the most Inappropriate description of Project Arcadia's music?
А: Epic.

Q: What would you say from the stage, if you were given the "Best Band In Bulgaria Ever" award?
А:"I would like to thank everybody else in this band for making us eligible."

Q: What style of music would you play in a perfect world?
А: Honest and heartfelt music in whichever style that turns out to be.

Q: What would you do today, if you knew the world would end tomorrow?
А: I would attempt to get together with those I love and have a great time.

Q: What's the first thing you would do, if you were invisible? А: Have a look in the mirror.

Q: When and where would you like to have been born?
А: Anywhere and just in time so that it would have been possible for me to go see Rainbow live sometime between '75-'78.

Q: A secret about you that nobody knows:
А: I can't think of one. Sorry. I am not a very secretive man.

Q: Are you a thrill seeker?
А: I don't think so. I consider myself mostly unafraid but I don't consider myself a thrill seeker.

Q: Choose only one of the following - money, women, fame, peace and quiet, perfection.
А: Hysteria!

Q: What do you think you were in your past life?
А: I was a sort of OK human being. If that's not the case then I was most assuredly a cat.

Q: How do you see yourself in a couple of years?
А: Older and wiser.

Q: What's your worst vice?
А: I don't sleep as much as I should.

Q: Which event from the past would you like to see live or take part in?
А: That Rainbow concert I mentioned earlier.

Q: What's the last good thing that happened to you?
А: You are trying to get me into trouble aren't you?

Q: What's the last bad thing that happened to you?
А: Probably something I set myself up to.

Q: Do you think there are people who really hate you?
А: Perhaps. It doesn't do me any good to think about it though.

Q: Your favorite meal and drink?
А: A Cheesy Gordita Crunch with a Cherry Coke Zero.

Q: What is your universal medicine in hard times?
А: I have none.

Q: Do you like yourself the way you are?
А: I like myself. Do I think I am perfect? No, but I do like myself.

Q: What's the first thing you think about in the morning?
А: Umm, breakfast?

Q: And the last thing you think about before you fall asleep? А: There's normally not enough time to think anything but "I need to sleep" before falling asleep.

Q: Describe the other members of the band.
This is a really tough thing to ask. I hope you will settle for this...
I think they are all very, very good people. I have nothing but love for them. Plamen, Dobo, Villy and Danny, each and every one a beautiful person. All different but all good people.

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